Today’s architects and interior designers require laminate sheet products that go well beyond simply looking good. They must deliver longer life cycles to be considered sustainable. They must have enhanced durability while meeting USGBC standards and requirements for LEED certification. And they must be environmentally responsible so that the impact on the planet is minimized saving precious natural resources for future generations. Ultra 3D Lam meets all of these new criteria and so much more.


Major Advantages of Ultra 3D Lam

• Class 1A Fire Rated

• Anti-Microbial/Anti-Fungal

• Significant Chemical Resistance

• Realistic Wood Grain Images

• Unlimited Solid Metallic Colors

• Ease of Maintenance

• World Class Finishes

• Scratch Resistant

• Superior UV Protection

• Long Life Cycle

• Unlimited Solid Colors

• Custom Patterns and Graphic Prints

• FAA Approved for use in Aircraft

• Qualifies for GreenGuard/LEED projects

Ultra 3D Lam is a flexible yet extremely durable vinyl laminate product. It simplifies material selection and eliminates design restrictions by allowing designers and fabricators to cover nearly every type of interior surface with this single stand-alone product. From flat panels on walls, ceilings, and cabinetry to more demanding applications like miter folds, 2D wrapped mouldings and even complex 3D components which eliminate separate edge treatments. Our multi-layer manufacturing process allows us to integrate colors, patterns and images in ways no other laminate product can. Developed for the harsh marine industry, our proprietary coating provides the significant enhancements listed above while also being flexible enough to meet the demanding needs of today’s complex fabrication processes.
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