Surface materials used in today’s commercial interiors must be more than just aesthetically pleasing. They must meet a variety of criteria including specific fire rating, resistance to harsh chemicals and UV exposure and the ability to prevent microbial or fungal growth. Often times they must deliver multiple enhancements simultaneously while still being attractive and cost effective.

In recent years, designers and contractors have become aware of the environmental impact that construction materials have on a building’s air quality. Because of this, they regularly use materials that meet LEED and USGBC standards combined with responsible construction techniques to minimize the carbon foot print, deliver lower operating costs and a longer life cycle for the building.

Ultra 3D Lam is a multi-layer 3D laminate created by thermally fusing images between 2 transparent sheets. The surface sheet has a proprietary coating developed for the harsh marine industry. This coating delivers significant enhancements which exceed the new air quality standards as well as most other environmental specifications. It simplifies material selection and delivers complete consistency by using the same sheet product for nearly every surface application.


Materials that bring warmth and serenity to our homes often times endure traffic equal to that of a retail store or corporate office. Ask any parent of an adolescent child or teenager who has no idea how the spill happened; simply that it will magically be cleaned up! Parents understand the importance of a durable surface product that is easy to maintain without looking institutional.

Once again, 3D laminates are a perfect solution. They offer design flexibility and eliminate the inconsistencies caused by mixing various material types. They can be used for flat panels, miter folds, raised panel cabinet doors and trim. However, not all 3D laminates are created equal. Many are relatively thin without an additional coating for added protection.

Ultra 3D Lam offers unlimited colors and design options for every room in the house. Visit our Products Page to see our vast selection of realistic wood grains in both domestic and exotic patterns along with faux stones, solid colors, solid metallic colors, custom patterns and even graphics for a room like no other! You’ll find a complete list of material properties as well as the durability, chemical and environmental testing that our laminates have undergone by visiting our Specifications Page.


Vehicle interiors ranging from custom RV’s to party buses, public transit and even private aircraft benefit from using our 3D laminate. It combines a flexible, light weight material that is 100% water proof with a Class A Fire Rating. Our scratch resistant coating keeps the surfaces looking new for years maximizing your investment by minimizing maintenance costs. By eliminating the use of wood and wood veneer, you also eliminate the high cost of applied finishes.

Your ability to incorporate custom graphics and logos allows you to create a unique and remarkable interior for yourself or your clients. You can even incorporate back lighting elements since many of our prints are translucent. Start your next project with Infinite Surface Solutions!


It’s well known that yacht interiors incorporate the highest quality wood and wood veneers. What you may not know is that nearly half of the raw materials ordered for a vessel are rejected due to inconsistent grain or color. The gloss finishes require hundreds of hours to create, yet have little durability. Maintenance is also quite costly and a damaged panel or component is virtually impossible to match. Sound like an impossible task for any material? Ultra 3D Lam was developed by the same coating specialist who developed Strataglass, the premier clear vinyl in the marine industry. This coating is combined with high resolution images of real wood on a water proof material that will simply out perform wood and wood veneer. The best part is that it’s a fraction of the cost and replacements are a perfect match!


Once you consider everything this unique laminate product offers you as a designer or fabricator, you’ll soon realize it’s not about what ‘is possible’, but rather ‘what isn’t’. The ability to choose from realistic wood grains, any solid color or solid metallic color along with faux stones, custom patterns and graphic artwork gives you unlimited options.

The adaptability of our product line allows you to move beyond conventional interior amenities and explore other applications than those shown above. We’ve seen our laminates used in industrial medical devices, retail store fixtures, trade show displays and even custom drum kits just to name a few. We are always amazed with the innovative solutions our customers find.

In our quest to find more solutions, we recently teamed up with renowned photographer Chris Byrne. His landscape images from around the world will transform any interior space. The flexibility of our laminate sheet allows you to incorporate these amazing images in ways no other medium can.

Now it’s your turn to explore the many options available to you and move beyond rigid plastic laminates, wood veneer and the other surface products you currently use. Contact us and let us explore the possibilities together!

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