Products and Applications

Ultra 3D Lam is conveniently produced in sheet form and is available in various width and thickness parameters depending on the actual application, fabrication methodology or types of machinery available. Regardless of sheet size or thickness, the coating and durability of the product is the same in every configuration and product series. Adhesive type and machine parameters should require little or no variation from many of your current production procedures. We offer factory trained support to assist in analyzing your application as well as adhesive type and equipment settings to ensure your success with our products.

Standard Surface Sheets (51” x 108”)

The standard sheet thickness is 21 mils and can be used for the majority of applications ranging from flat panels for ceiling and wall treatments to furniture components, cabinetry and virtually every other area where laminated surface products are commonly used. 2D miter fold applications can all be accomplished with this particular sheet product specification. For horizontal applications or when core materials may cause telegraphing of surface imperfections, we offer fabricators a variety of surface sheet options ranging from 26-31 mils thick to meet specific requirements based on variables or limitations of adhesive texture, fabrication equipment, edge banding applications, etc.

Thermoforming Sheets (57” x 108”)

Because of the flexible nature of this product, simple thermoforming can be done by hand with minimal heat. For more complex profiles and applications, we offer additional options in width and thickness to help with more complex thermoforming applications such as 2D wrapped profiles or 3D membrane pressed components. These sheets can be up to 57” wide to accommodate your machinery and can be produced at 16 or 18 mils thick depending on the profile and application.

PSA Backed Sheets (51” x 108”)

For those post-assembled projects or curved applications where “flat” is not an option, we offer an industrial PSA (“Peel & Stick”) adhesive backing. This PSA option delivers a perfect layer of adhesive that provides a permanent bond for a variety of applications from post-assembly lamination of cabinets and fixtures to on-site installation. This option saves time and money and is a favorite among professionals and DIY enthusiast.

Protective Film

We apply a protective film on every high gloss sheet to significantly reduce the chance of damage during fabrication and installation. This protective film also helps eliminate additional cleanup caused by excess adhesives and other materials that may come in contact with the product during fabrication and installation. We recommend not removing the film protection until the final installation is complete.


Much like traditional HPL products, Ultra 3D Lam edge banding is created from the same sheet product for a perfect color and finish match and for optimizing left-over material. It is best processed using conventional laminate slitters or router bits rather than saw blades. It can be applied by hand using conventional adhesives, tools and methods common to laminators or by a production edge bander that utilizes hot melt or PUR adhesives and “strip feed” settings.

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